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Energy Usage over Time

Over time, energy consumption per capita has increased. The University of Michigan's Global Change program created this graphic that shows the dramatic increase in energy usage since the 1850s, shortly before the onset of the Industrial Revolution.
An energy efficient home tops the list of prospective home buyers most-wanted features.
Renewable Fuels

Renewable fuels for energy production has surged in recent years, although their use is still a small percentage of all power generated in the U.S.
The cost of energy has increased over the last 50 years, and given the upward pressure on fuel sources, will continue to do so.
Over time, energy consumption has grown because of natural population increase and
our usage of energy-driven devices from the tiniest children's toys to energy-hungry
cooling and heating systems. No one disputes the value of maintaining year-round indoor
comfort for your health and well-being. The fundamental premise behind Energy Savers
That Work is that if we all practice sensible energy management, it’s possible to stay
comfortable without causing undue personal or environmental sacrifices.
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